Get ‘er done!

Dig deep. Get ‘er done!

Sometimes the day just slips away. Or the hours of the day more specifically. Today was one of those days.

I can’t exactly say I was productive – at least if we’re only considering deliverables or output. Simply put, I don’t have products to show for my time.  But I do have mental space cleared and three project plans in the works.

Moreover, I updated my goal list, transforming it to include bigger, yet more concrete goals. I even changed the name, now calling it a Victory List.

We’re nearly halfway done with 2016. It’s time to get it cracking! How are you doing on your 2016 goals? What will you do to make them reality?


  1. I like your headline, Goal Digger! Very smart.

    Sometimes I find it’s the organizing and planning that’s the hardest and most significant to make the deliverables and output successful. Reminds me of a something a writing teacher once said: “Writing is 70% planning and organizing and 30% writing.



    1. Lol. Thanks Stacy. You’re right.


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