One task

Personal Narrative, Zaimu Challenge
Today I am thinking of fear. Feeling it. Working through it. Understanding it. Appreciating it as a teacher. Fear, in certain degrees, can feel like a happy excitement. Stomach tingling, breath quickening. I felt that fear today. It comes when I have doubts about something I want to do, and I can see the beginning of paralysis. Self-sabotage. I haven't given into Resistance yet, but I have the sudden urge to talk myself out of... progress. But for now it's just a tingle. It's commentary about the relative location of me and my comfort zone. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="314"] A New Year's Eve declaration.[/caption] Any time fear is my muse, I ponder the word fearless. I explored this a few years ago, and I have come to understand THAT being fearless is not really being without fear, but about lessening…
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The wise will rejoice

Zaimu Challenge
I watched a short video this weekend, and it featured excerpts from a piece by Buddhist philosopher and peace activist Daisaku Ikeda. I haven't felt anything resonate so deeply in a long time. I quickly jotted down all the words I could remember and then found part of the poem excerpted online: [caption id="attachment_3446" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Morning sky by nicole denise.[/caption] Quietly ask yourself if it isn't in fact true that each of us, before being defeated by an external adversary, is first defeated by ourselves. The weak in spirit, the cowardly, even before wandering reluctantly at the foot of the wall that towers in their path, shrink first before the sight of their own shadow. Terrified of illusory figures of our own creation, we are defeated by the bandits that…
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Next steps

Personal Narrative
[caption id="attachment_3323" align="alignright" width="175"] Nic taking steps in Portugal.[/caption] I long held on to something that was once a good stepping stone and source of support but it turned into something... much less productive. After a couple of years it became a crutch. And over the past few months, and most clearly the past couple of days, I realized it was more like an anchor. In Nichiren Buddhism, once you realize you're in a less than ideal situation, you seek to understand your role in it. You take responsibility and try to transform it. Hendoku iyaku, or changing poison into medicine, is a powerful approach. But it doesn't work if you try to transform the wrong thing. You can't change other people. You can only change you. I've felt stagnant and frustrated for quite some time,…
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