The wise will rejoice

Zaimu Challenge
I watched a short video this weekend, and it featured excerpts from a piece by Buddhist philosopher and peace activist Daisaku Ikeda. I haven't felt anything resonate so┬ádeeply in a long time. I quickly jotted down all the words I could remember and then found part of the poem excerpted online: [caption id="attachment_3446" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Morning sky by nicole denise.[/caption] Quietly ask yourself if it isn't in fact true that each of us, before being defeated by an external adversary, is first defeated by ourselves. The weak in spirit, the cowardly, even before wandering reluctantly at the foot of the wall that towers in their path, shrink first before the sight of their own shadow. Terrified of illusory figures of our own creation, we are defeated by the bandits that…
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