meet coco

I’m the coco in cocostudio. I am a renaissance soul who thrives on creative and intellectual challenges.

A 15-year veteran of education, I employ my teaching skillset to cultivate nontraditional learning experiences, digitally and face-to-face. These include everything from conferences and workshops, to webinars, podcasts and engagement on social media.

I am a runner, dancer, writer, reader, Reiki practitioner, green smoothie enthusiast and lay Buddhist. I encourage the use of multiple strategies toward a dedicated practice of templebuilding – continuous edification of the mind/body/spirit.

A scholar, feminist and Afrofuturist, I theorize and write about literacy, love, critique and imagination as tools for a more just and harmonious world. To that end, I am interested in the power of story; specifically story as a vehicle for reflection and inner transformation.

Daily I find myself pondering compassion as a tool to combat the murderous effects of greed, anger and foolishness. Maybe my musings will find their way onto this blog, or maybe, into a book.

I’m an emerging kid lit author, but for now, I use this space to share curated items and my reflections on life. This summer I began a training program toward a goal of running 10k in less than an hour. Many recent posts feature updates on my progress.

Wanna say hi? Drop me a line at