meet coco

Welcome! I’m Nicole, the coco in cocostudio. I’m a runner, salsera, writer, reader, Reiki practitioner, green smoothie enthusiast and lay Buddhist. I use multiple strategies toward a dedicated practice of templebuilding – continuous edification of the mind/body/spirit.

A key aspect of my templebuilding practice is self-expression. Expression is essential. This blog is where much of that happens.

A trained journalist, educator and qualitative researcher, I imagine, examine, and write to transgress. I think and write about imagination, reflection and love as tools for a more just and harmonious world. I journal lessons I learn while running and inspiration gleaned from Nichiren Buddhist philosophy. Sometimes I comment on education and politics, but mostly I write about life.

In addition to personal narrative/memoir, I’m an emerging kidlit author. I have a chapter book and a middle grade novel in progress. I also have a couple of books for older readers simmering on the back burner as well.

Click around and see if anything strikes your fancy.

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