If you are anything like me, you love to feel free, empowered and energized.

You want to vibrate at ever-higher frequencies.

You want to smile, and mean it.

Tap into your creative energy by designing a plan to inspire yourself. With examples and simple prompts, this quick guide shows you the way. Grab a pen and a journal and nurture yourself into the beautiful, vibrant being you truly want to be.

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“I didn’t count them all, but quite a few. I’m choosing my words carefully,” she says. I nod.

And again, I’m left wondering why. Why me? Why any of us?

I tell myself I am beautiful. Even if in that moment, I’m not quite sure I believe it.

I didn’t invite them. I didn’t deserve them. But there they were: fibroids. After years of living with them, I did what I’d never thought I’d do. I had a hysterectomy. This is my story.

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