meet coco

I’m a runner, dancer, writer, reader, Reiki practitioner, green smoothie enthusiast and lay Buddhist. I encourage the use of multiple strategies toward a dedicated practice of temple building – continuous edification of the mind/body/spirit.

A trained journalist (FAMU), educator (FSU) and qualitative researcher (UGA), I think and write about imagination, reflection and compassion as tools for a more just and harmonious world, and a more engaged and fulfilling life.

I have always been interested in storytelling as a vehicle for reflection and inner transformation. I tell stories of my own experience to encourage others to do the same. I’m the Chief Learning Officer for a coaching and consulting firm, and I coach my clients to lead happier, more authentic lives.

In addition to personal narrative/memoir, I write books for kids. My manuscripts explore change, self-expression, and authenticity. My debut novel, Just Right Jillian, will be published by Versify in 2021.