Where does the time go?

Personal Narrative
Today is connection day! That's what I'm calling it this year, as Blue and I mark our second anniversary. On this day two years ago, we acknowledged our mutual interest in getting to know each other better. We had been acquaintances on social media for a couple of years by then, with no more than a handful of tweets and a couple of happy birthday FaceBook statuses between us. During those couple of years we'd both experienced our share of dramatic life changes. But even now, neither of us can pinpoint the reason or timing of the shift from "that guy/woman I never met in person although we have 50 mutual FB friends," to, "that guy/woman I might need to pay more attention to." Yet one day out of the blue, a tentative message turned into the beginning…
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30 Day Blog Challenge
Today marks the halfway point of my 30 in 30 challenge for September. More importantly, it marks the completion point for one trip around the sun with my love, Blue. One year ago today… @ndcollier #love #cocoblue — Phillip Harp (@PFunkZillaZilla) September 15, 2013 Yeah, we're those people. Holding hands in the grocery store. Sending cards just because. And why not? Time flies. You're the pilot. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STC3I6SwLp4&w=560&h=315]
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