One task

Personal Narrative, Zaimu Challenge
Today I am thinking of fear. Feeling it. Working through it. Understanding it. Appreciating it as a teacher. Fear, in certain degrees, can feel like a happy excitement. Stomach tingling, breath quickening. I felt that fear today. It comes when I have doubts about something I want to do, and I can see the beginning of paralysis. Self-sabotage. I haven't given into Resistance yet, but I have the sudden urge to talk myself out of... progress. But for now it's just a tingle. It's commentary about the relative location of me and my comfort zone. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="314"] A New Year's Eve declaration.[/caption] Any time fear is my muse, I ponder the word fearless. I explored this a few years ago, and I have come to understand THAT being fearless is not really being without fear, but about lessening…
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