Zaimu Challenge
At the last new moon, I wrote a list of intentions. Taken together they mean, vibrate higher. Vibrate higher. Boost energy, joy, hope. Be more powerful, and lighter at the same damn time. Float, fly, soar, on your own terms. From the inside. In your cells. Spirit. Breath. Light. High vibration is goddess energy. It is magic stirring. When I neglect pleasure and beauty rituals, when I consume nonfood instead of divine nourishment, when I am not salt bathing or sunbathing, or any of the things I know to do, I look around and there I am: stuck, stagnant, heavy. I feel weak. Powerless. Even laughs are smaller and too far apart.   Have you swiveled your hips today? #SelfCareIs — ✨#SelfCareIs✨ (@PhYINomenal) May 6, 2016 I swivel my hips. With music…
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A word on hope. #NaBloPoMo #Buddhism.

30 Day Blog Challenge, Spirituality, Temple Building
What is your philosophy of life? Does it involve action, momentum, value creation and good cheer? Is it passive, reactive, somber? Quality of life is more about how we decide to live, rather than what happens to us in the living of it. There's risk in choosing to live optimistically. We can't predict or control the hurricanes or floods, the disappointing diagnoses, the betrayals. Sometimes we don't see that knock out punch coming, and there we are dazed, contemplating the wisdom of standing. The decisions we make in difficult moments are grounded in our approach to life. I advocate a philosophy of hope. It's funny, because I've often said, "hope is not a strategy." But that's incomplete. What I mean is hope is not going to write your paper, deliver…
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