MG Book Club at Tombolo

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join the monthly MG book club at Tombolo books. It was a small but engaged group and the members (all girls) had great questions and observations about The Many Fortunes of Maya.

I loved teaching 4th grade and one of my favorite things to do was having conversations about books. I do wish I had the presence of mind to ask them more questions (they were asking plenty of me), but I loved the discussion.

Color flyer showing the author holding copies of her book, while standing in front of a
Here’s the flyer from Tombolo!

I especially enjoyed asking the girls if they knew what a people pleaser was (Maya has some of those tendencies) and who she most wanted to please. Many of them surprised me by saying she wanted to please Ginger. As the author, my focus was showing Maya as wanting to please her dad, so the best friend angle caught me off guard.

I want to read it again – it’s been a while, ha! – and see if I can find the clues that make readers think Maya wants to please her best friend.

Have you read the Many Fortunes of Maya? Shameless plug, yes. Did you notice Maya’s people pleasing tendencies? Who did she want to please the most? What about you? Are you a people pleaser? Who do you want to please the most?

On Chapter 50

This thing called life… I’m still here, still living it, loving it, and the older I get, the more I know I can’t take it for granted.

At the beach, celebrating 49!

Today is my 49th birthday, and I’m acutely aware that in ten years, I’ll be the same age my mother was when she died.

So here I am, done with 49 rotations around the sun, 49 chapters in the book of life, and today marks the first day, the first page, of the next.

I miss blogging. The longer form thinking on the page soothes my introverted soul. In honor of this 50th trip, this 50th chapter, I am rededicating myself to this space.

And so it begins.