Humane Treatment for All | #30in30 #WriteLikeCrazy.

30 Day Blog Challenge, Abolition & Justice
I begin with a declaration. I never believed it radical in nature, but I'm coming to the realization that it might be. People are not disposable. People deserve to be treated humanely. And by people, I mean all people, not just a select few. Not just those who have (thus far) avoided the label criminal; but everyone. We sometimes view the world in dichotomies. We place things at one end of a continuum or the other. We see something as black or white, not that troublesome gray. We prefer simplicity instead of nuance and complexity. We favor “or” rather than embrace “and.” But here’s the thing: people who engage in criminal behavior, are still people. The mere fact that they are human, means they still deserve humane treatment. But what about…
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Activating the activist

Abolition & Justice
I want to begin by suggesting that whoever you are, wherever you are, whether you are a student, an academic, whether you are a worker, a person involved in your church, whether you are an artist...there are always ways to gear your work towards progressive, radical transformation.       ~Angela Davis - The Prison Industrial Complex (1999) I've been reading, curating and sharing resources about mass incarceration. I plan to do some writing about it as a way to work through what I'm learning. To think through barriers and imagine solutions. In so doing, I lend my voice to the modern abolitionists: freedom fighters speaking and teaching about mass incarceration and its myriad, interconnected issues. At one point I curated a list of digital resources and my occasional musings,…
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