To an epic March. #NaBloPoMo.

30 Day Blog Challenge
I am risk-averse. I generally play it safe. But I woke up this morning, overjoyed, excited, and inspired to tweet this: March is about to be so. damn. EPIC! Yes. — nicole denise (@ndcollier) March 1, 2013 It’s because I’m on planes every week, logging hundreds of miles in rental cars, memorizing favorite dishes in restaurants, and yet rather than wait for all of that to slow down, I’m writing anyway. It’s because somewhere amidst my hectic lifestyle, I have to pack up my apartment in paradise, and return to my roots. Something I hadn’t planned to do… possibly ever. It’s because the last day of March marks the first day of a new life. And I can’t wait! I’m not sure who this risk-taker is or where she’s been…
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