Liebster Award

Personal Narrative, Writer's Craft
In 2011 I am fearless. That has been my motto since New Year's eve when I declared it to the world (or at least to those who care to read my tweets now and again). At the root of this declaration was my determination to write more often and to do so more publicly. I'm still working on both of those things, so it was a sweet affirmation of progress to receive the Liebster Award. Thank you Kizzy. As a recipient of this award, there are a few things I must do: Link back to the original blogger who gave me the award. Check. Share my five picks for the Liebster and let them know via a comment in their blog. Check. Post the award on my blog. Check. Enjoy the…
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Letter to My Sister, a Soldier (or) Love is a Revolutionary Act

Love, Personal Narrative
Note: I wrote this a few months ago - late winter, early spring. I sat on it for weeks and worked it a bit in June. Not sure why I've not posted it until now... For the past several weeks, my flight has departed from or returned to the international terminal of the Atlanta airport. This, despite the fact that I was only traveling to and from Cleveland, of all places. Each week I have been struck - overcome really - by the abundance of soldiers in this terminal, dressed in their telltale camouflage. They’re men and sometimes women of all colors, sizes, ages. Sometimes on phones, sometimes on computers, sometimes deplaning from parts unknown, but oftentimes sitting. Waiting. Today, however, I was struck by you. Now for sure you…
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