reflections by lashun beal
Reflections by LaShun Beal

She’s here! I’m so excited to welcome her home.

I bought this print by LaShun Beal circa 1998 as a 20-something graduate student at Florida State University. Fellow grad students hosted in-home art shows, and we’d select our prints, matting and frames.

Beal had a few captivating pieces at the time, but she’s the one that spoke to me. Money was tight, and framing isn’t free, but I’ve never regretted the purchase.

She’s been with me through many moves back and forth across the GA/FL state line including last year’s epic return.

Bibliophiles unite!
Bibliophiles unite!

Blue and I are in the process of consolidating homes, and last night we began by collecting my bookshelves. But as we surveyed my house, there she was, hanging patiently on my bedroom wall. I knew I wasn’t going to leave her there another night.

This morning I returned from my run, and Blue had already unloaded the smaller odds and ends. And her.

Each day it feels more and more like home.