A quick diversion

Goddess of Snaps
Goddess of Snaps

I’m on Snapchat.

I rejected it sight unseen for ages, but recently I set up an account.  Surprise, surprise, I like it! There are no think pieces or debates on my feed. It’s just silly and interesting updates from a variety of people. Some I know personally, and most I don’t.

IMG_8286In the Land of Snaps, filters reign supreme, and that’s my favorite part. In a world of violence and anger and negativity, grown people voluntarily “wear” silly headpieces and special effects while laughing and telling stories in 10 second bursts.

There are more than enough serious moments. It’s nice to have (make) a quick diversion from time to time.

Here’s to not taking yourself too seriously.

Tune In

I have DVD programs for cardio, strength training, and yoga, and I’ve relied on these for years. On running days, I wake up and I jog the same trail, albeit different distances, on a regular basis. There are good reasons to avoid the same routines and paths, but I embrace the repetition.

Today was a strength day, so I whipped out my barbell set and selected a DVD from my strength program. The workout was surprisingly easy. When I am well, I can finish the hour-long program in an hour.  I compare that to two days ago, when I was in the early stages of recovering from a cold. Fatigued, and probably a little behind on calories, I had to stop every 5-10 minutes for a short break. Tuesday’s hour-long workout took more like 75 minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 6.03.55 PMI like doing familiar routines because it allows me to objectively assess how I’m doing that day. Am I phoning it in, or am I doing my best, even though my performance is lacking? Did I eat enough, did I eat the right foods? Am I doing too much? Should I stretch or rest tomorrow because my body needs a break?

I can ask myself these questions because the routines leave mental space available for contemplation. I think it’s important to tune in daily and assess how you’re doing – mentally, physically, and in all areas really. Since I typically exercise early in the day, I can adjust my plans based on what I’m discovering in my early morning movement.

Do I ever bring in new programs/routes? Yes, whenever it’s time! After all, the point of the sameness is listening to what my body needs. And every once in a while, it asks for something new.