Heading Home: A Freewrite. | #30in30 #WriteLikeCrazy

Between Dallas and Tampa.

I’m a rebel. I took out my approved electronics before the flight attendant told me I could. Mainly because we had been cruising above 10,000 feet for several minutes and she was past due with the announcement.

As timing would have it, as soon as I began typing, she gave me the official okay.

A baby’s laugh is the best sound known to humankind. Seriously. I challenge you to tell me a better sound. I’m not sure there’s a runner-up either.

Speaking of babies, I love to see men holding them. I’ve witnessed that often in recent months. Sometimes man and baby are with a partner, and sometimes not. I spy them cradling, caressing, tickling, kissing, feeding the little one. I credit feminism (smile).

This weekend has been a long slog in over-air conditioned spaces. Seriously. No, I’m not anemic, but when I’m too cold my fingers turn purple. And it wasn’t just me! Numerous people were hidden beneath fall layers in summertime, shivering all along. Many of us reside in warm climates. We like a bit of cool to temper the heat, but there’s no need to engage in refrigerator mimicry!

My friend told me she juices. No big deal until the bit about not using a centrifugal juicer. She presses her juices and this is, apparently, a superior way of going about it. It is also an expensive way of going about it. An investment, she explained.

I would like a glass of fresh juice right now (and not just because I’m writing about it). Unfortunately, there’s the small, yet inescapable matter of being mid-flight with no juice bar! Shady. I’m all about utopian thinking. I say we imagine airlines with juice bars and see what happens. If Whole Foods begins partnering with airlines, I expect a generous cut of the profits.

When I get home, it’ll be too late to visit a juice bar, and I do not own a juicer, centrifugal, presser, or otherwise. Tragic.

The best thing about being on the west coast was jet lag. It was so easy to wake up at 5 a.m.! My hotel had a comfortable bed, and I enjoyed talking with my roommate about Buddhism and fitness and safe spaces and life, but I am so excited to be on a plane headed home. Tomorrow I shall pick up my cat. I’m sure she will catch me up on all that went on while I was away.

5:49 PT. Midair.

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