To be or not to be… outraged.

It’s a day ending in “y” so that means it’s a perfect day to be outraged. And outraged, we are. I’m not going to share what we’re outraged about because chances are, by the time you read this entry, we’ll be outraged about something else entirely.

A few weeks ago Whiskey, Wine & Moonshine talked about society’s propensity to be outraged about, well, everything.

Some folks seem to get up in arms about everything, and others seem unable to muster a flip about anything much. They’re on the other end of the outrage continuum, hanging out at the apathy mark. {Insert horrible thing to be outraged about} and we aren’t interested in the details. Our heads are buried in the proverbial sand. We just go along with the status quo, because why not? We aren’t critical about the media we consume, the opinions we hear, nothing.

Of course we don’t need to be outraged about everything, and certainly it’s important to be outraged about something. They key I think, lies in reflection.

Pay attention to your surroundings, inform yourself about what’s going on, ask questions, think about things, and develop an informed opinion.

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