I live in paradise. Or at least I like to call it that. Today I’m participating in this phoneography challenge while comfortably wearing flip flops.


Although the weather is nice, it’s a weekday and a little cool for poolside tanning. This is the site of epic water volleyball games on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. They’ve been scarce since football season, but I’m sure spring break will welcome the ballers back.


And if water isn’t your thing, but volleyball is, you might spend your weekend with your friends and your dogs here.


I’m not here much these days, but one of my favorite things to do is watch the sunrise here at Starbucks Bay. I call it that because it’s a bay inlet and Starbucks stands a few feet away!


One of the reasons I chose this complex in paradise was the running trail. I needed something to reduce the stress on my knees, and I knew this scenic trail would do the trick. Midday sun does it no justice. You should see it at daybreak.


The trail runs alongside the Starbucks Bay. There are always jumping fish and sometimes a dolphin or two. Today I spotted a boater.


Sometimes I come outside to read or just enjoy the fresh air. Here is one of the places you might find me.


Thanks for joining me on this phoneography challenge. This is my second time blogging using the WordPress mobile app. It was a bit more challenging adding the media component, and there were a few mishaps, but it was a fun exercise.



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