Saturday stream of consciousness

I’m out and about, so today I’m blogging from my smartphone. Gonna do a stream of consciousness about today so far…

Saturday smells like freshly cut grass
Kids after soccer
Newly braided hair
Clean laundry folded into little piles all over the bed

It tastes like high protein breakfast – scrambled eggs and baked chicken
High carb snacks of leftover pizza and chocolate chip cookies
Dark coffee with brown sugar and whipped cream on top

Saturday looks like winding roads and hilly landscapes
Towering green trees with occasional patches of pink crepe myrtle
Deer snacking on nearby bushes
Sunrises and high noon
Clouds but no threat of rain

It sounds like random screams from cartoon movies
Cheers from college football games
Kid trivia from the backseat
Crickets in tall grasses making plans for the evening

Saturday feels like sunshine
And family
And love.

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