My namesake looking strong and fit.

I’m thinking about kettlebells. I heard of them long ago, but when I saw videos of folks kettlebell routines, I was never moved nor motivated to try them.

A few years have passed and like most things other than liver, I’m reconsidering. I enjoy the building strength aspect of strength training, and although my current barbell based program is fine, and sometimes even fun, I want something new.

One of my friends has recently begun kettlebells. What about you? Have you ever tried them? Did you like them? Why, or why not? Leave me a message in the comments…



  • ratogi

    i need to get back into kettlebells. last year i had a session with a dude here in palo alto who’s kinda the man in the u.s. for kettlebells, and got his dvd. i was starting to get a rhythm going at home with my kettlebells and really enjoyed the workout, but then i did a bunch of travel and fell off the wagon in the process. but hey, there’s no time like the present…

  • Angela

    I enjoy kettlebells a good deal. They force core strength and development, while providing a total body workout and cardiovascular with only a few moves. Also, because they’re generally used with both hands, there’s almost a forced symmetry in how the muscles build and work together. Finally, it can be graceful, too, which appeals to my feminine energy.

    • nicole

      Thanks, Angela. You’re the second person to mention feminine albeit in a different way. Letitia said the kettlebell feels more gender appropriate in her hand. The actual weight reminds her of a purse. :-). But I am looking for something that allows grace. I miss dance very much. You’ve got me intrigued for sure…

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