Texas free write

I’m in Texas where they say everything is bigger.
I’m not sure about bigger, but certainly different is accurate.

I entered my hotel and spotted a poster screaming dire warnings about firearms and imprisonment and fines not to exceed $10,000.
I’ve stayed in lots of hotels. Never seen such a sign.
The last time I hoteled in Texas was in the 80s. Maybe they didn’t have those loud posters then.

I got punked by four interchanges in the first 15 minutes of my drive this evening. I’m working in the cut, the boondocks, bumble—-, etc. Apparently you have to really be quick at the wheel to make it to the middle of nowhere.

Driving an hour to the middle of nowhere, I noticed a recurring sign: Crossover 1/4 mile.
In Georgia, if you’re driving long stretches in semi-rural areas, good luck if you need to make a U-turn. The median is often blocked with silver railings. Sometimes there are ditches or otherwise treacherous patches land in the middle. Occasional signs announce that this turn around is for official use only. And if you’re desperate to go in the other direction, you might try and sneak a turn, but then you see the blue lights in your rearview.

So I’ve heard.

But in Texas, maybe they know that sometimes you go the wrong way. Or you miss your turn. Or you leave something behind that you need to go get. And in a mere quarter of a mile, you can crossover and try again.

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