Getting Free

It’s such an amazing feeling – freedom. Freedom from my own thoughts of limitation. Freedom from an old path. Freedom from what no longer serves me.

I’ve felt this freedom in recent days, swelling in a joyful crescendo this evening. To celebrate and reaffirm my recent decisions, I started tossing and recycling items long outdated. Tomorrow I get to cart them away.

There’s new space in my garage where anchors used to be. There’s new energy and mental clarity where there was once clutter and dread. It’s wonderful.

Embracing my true self.
Embracing my true self.

Even an individual at cross purposes with himself is certain to end in failure. Yet a hundred or even a thousand people can definitely attain their goal, if they are of one mind. ~Nichiren

Although many quote this passage from Many in Body, One in Mind to highlight the second half, I reference it most often for the first. More than once, I’ve found myself wavering about a decision. I have clear thoughts about where I want to go, but take steps at cross purposes with my own desires. It’s like stepping on the gas and the brake the at same time. You don’t go anywhere, and if you do, it’s a jerky, unpleasant experience.

It’s liberating to choose life over fear. Now it’s time to be who I’ve always said I wanted to be… 

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  1. Just finished listening to the podcast and reading this blog entry. I have to say that I am in the same mindset, but I don’t see a way out any time soon. I definitely needed to hear/read this today.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m really glad we were able to speak to you today. The way out was a long time in coming for me – years honestly. I do think there are ways to “help make the best” of things when you aren’t in an ideal situation. I did some of those things to keep my spirits up while biding my time. I do hope you’re able to transform your circumstances soon. One of my favorite tools for making good use of your time and prioritizing your desires is Push by Chalene Johnson. She has a free online program – video and daily activities for 30 days. Look into it and see if it helps. I’m going to be restarting it soon myself. Best wishes!

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