Music and Running

According to this article, music can boost your running performance by 15%. Some of my most satisfying runs have been to music. But some of my fastest have been with no music. Unless you count the cadence of feet hitting pavement and rhythmic breathing as music…

I think a lot when I’m running, and if music is playing, I also match my stride to the tempo. But I also adjust my stride when I find a nice breathing rhythm, too. With music, I’m often jamming while jogging, but not necessarily pacing according to how much energy or breath I have. This is great fun, until the music holds me back. That’s when it’s time to update the playlist, or turn the music off entirely.

Do you run with music, or breath?

4 Replies to “Music and Running”

  1. i pretty much like to do everything to music – run, clean, work, drive. hard rock, hip-hop, electronica. i love running to music with lots of bass. it keeps me distracted from my tired legs or thinking about the fact that i’m running.

  2. Interesting.

    I rarely listen to music when I run. I like to hear nature and hear cars and people that might be approaching. But I do sing songs in my head sometimes. Or count my steps. This is sometimes to the beat of the song. Perhaps, when I do have songs running in my head, I can make sure they are faster paced so that I run at faster paces.

    1. funny b/c i hear songs in my head all the time in daily life. sometimes when i’m running sans music, i’ll hear a song and adjust the pace to my liking. lol.

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