Teaching Kids About Personal Finance

…in a world of economic uncertainty, rising college costs and social media that can target some of the youngest consumers, financial literacy may be more important than ever for your kids.

What is the purpose of public schooling? It’s an important question. One that requires quite a bit more wrestling and wrangling than it often receives. I lament frequently about the toll of high stakes testing, but the fundamental query – why do we have public schooling at all – is a key, yet often invisible part of the larger education discourse.

If you’re of the mind that public schooling should produce an informed citizenry, ultimately to the benefit of society at large (and theoretically to the benefit of individuals as well), then you’ll likely find yourself in agreement with the following statement: We fail to teach students about personal finance at our own peril.

Who’s teaching your kids about money? Read Donna Krache’s take here.

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  1. Lady Buddha, we have the same situation here in the Philippines, there is a lack of materials and a proper system to teach students about personal finance and financial literacy itself. Lucky for me, I took Entrepreneurship in College and I learned all about personal finance, businesses, investing and the likes back then. The knowledge I developed when it comes to handling my money enlightened me about attaining financial freedom at an early age. While most people here prioritize getting new cars, houses, or whatever luxury they can buy with their paychecks, I invest in our local stock market and draft business plans.

    Now, I started a blog about my financial journey to retire from the rat race at the age of 25. I just started this week. I aim to inspire and tell my financial story not only to my fellow Filipinos but to all people who may feel tired of working from 8-5pm everyday and wait for their salaries every 15th and 30th of the month.

    You can check my blog here: http://retireby25.wordpress.com/

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to more of your posts on financial literacy. Kudos to you!

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