On Clearing Space and Creating Victory

Over on PhYINomenal, Sojo’s self care focus for November is Elimination – time to release, remove, denounce, deny and let go. It’s a great time to release that which no longer serves you and invite in affirming energy, new processes, and transformative experiences.

If you’ve never checked out her site, today’s a great day to do it. Get the self care calendar for November and see what simple things you can do to release the deadweight and bring new life.

Over the years I’ve found myself in that place many times. One time in particular, I was stuck, stagnant and depleted. I needed something, anything, that could help me recharge my life and get inspired again.

I finally realized that I didn’t need to look outside myself for the answers. With patience and intention I could create them for myself. And I did. I spent several weeks enacting some simple practices, not unlike the suggestions Sojo recommends each month. And in short order, I found my joy once again.

I wrote about that experience shortly after it happened. I shared my story and my steps once or twice and then forgot about it. Earlier this year I sat down to dish with Sojo about templebuilding (listen here!), and it all came back to me. I even found the guide I drafted years ago and decided I’d put it out in the world. Eventually.

As it turns out, now is the time! I tried to convince myself to wait until next year, or next month, or next season. Later. But it’s always later. So if there’s one thing I’m working to release this month, it’s Resistance and his twin sister, Procrastination.

As a 42-year old woman who has lost both parents (momma 13 years ago and daddy 10 years next month), I know for sure that time waits for no one and tomorrow is not promised.

I’m not expecting my work to reach a million people, but I do hope it can create value in the life of at least one. If you’re looking to revive your inner beauty, and do it your own way, consider using my guide as companion in your walk. It’s available here.

Let me know how you tap into your creativity and create your next victory.

4 Replies to “On Clearing Space and Creating Victory”

  1. Congratulations Sis! I am so proud of you and I know your parents are smiling down on you and your many achievements. I can’t wait to read your book. Love you!

  2. This is wonderful, Nicole! Thank you for using your experiences as a resource for others. I understand the benefits of owning our magic, and I’m all too familiar with the perils of not owning it too. I hope you do reach millions; the world needs many more of us to understand how to tap into whatever we need to feel good and free.

    1. Thank you, Akilah. You are one of my main inspirations. So much so, I’m shifting a primary focus of my work in 2017 to self-expression. It’s been so key since your keynote! lol.

      Also, seeing Trelani’s work at the conference last month encouraged me to take another step forward as well. I appreciate you both. Thanks for being a light.

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